You’re on the hunt for a career. Maybe it’s your first job out of college or maybe you are searching for a new opportunity. What are the key qualities you’re looking for? Money. Healthcare. Benefits. PTO. Environment. What if you could check all these points off your list and then some? At Jasper, you can.


– Healthcare

We offer our employees and their families 100% paid healthcare premiums after 90 days.

– Benefits

We offer vision, dental and short term life insurance.

– Money

Well, our positions range in salary BUT you are able to make what you want. (You’re thinking yeah right…but don’t stop reading!) For our field team, you get a base salary that never goes away, you get commissions, you get bonuses-take a look at our Big Checks that are earned over a 4 WEEK PERIOD if you don’t believe us. For our office personnel, you get quarterly reviews and assessments. This allows management to evaluate your progress. If you work hard at Jasper, it doesn’t go unnoticed.


– Student Loan program

We offer a unique Student Loan Reimbursement program for our field team. This means you can opt into a program where we pay monthly on your student loans! Why live with student loan debt? Talk with our recruiters for more information.


We offer paid time off for our full-time employees. You deserve it!

– Environment

It’s never dull. Day to day job duties are rarely the same. Sometimes you’re talking to homeowners; other times you’re completing paperwork, generating reports, etc. You won’t be bored!

– Growth Opportunities

Most of our managers started their career with us in a different position. The VP COO, she began her career at Jasper as an Accounts Payable Clerk. One of our Field Managers started as a Recruiter. Another Jasper Field Manager was hired as a Sales Representative. If you thrive in a particular department, we won’t limit you.

What are you waiting for? Our career opportunities await.